The HUSERMET Project
the human serum metabolome in health and disease...


Glossary of Terms

Metabolite: Small (usually less than 1500 molecular weight) biological compounds involved in biochemical processes and pathways.

  • Examples include cholesterol, glucose and amino acids

Metabolome: A collection of all metabolites observed in a biological system under a given set of conditions.

Metabolomics: the analysis, quantification, and interpretation of metabolite levels in biological samples with the view to characterising a metabolome. Can be carried out using a number of different approaches:

  • Targeted
  • Profiling
  • Fingerprinting
  • Global

Metabonomics: The study of changes in metabolite levels in response to drugs, diseases or toxicity, usually used when determining such changes using NMR.

Targeted Analysis: Experiments designed to look at specific metabolites of interest.

Metabolic or Metabolite Profiling: Analysis of a group of metabolites that are part of a particular group or class (e.g. sugars, lipids) or linked to a specific pathway.

Metabolic Fingerprinting: Characterising samples on the basis of their origin and/or biological relevance.

Global: (As used in the HUSERMET project). A snap-shot of the whole-cell/organism/biofluid metabolome, to observe and characterise as many metabolites as possible.

[25 Sep. 2012]
HUSERMET represented at Metabomeeting 2012
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[30 Jun. 2011]
New Publication in Nature Protocols
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[23 Jan. 2010]
Manchester Researcher Appointed New 'Dementia Tsar'
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[04 Jan. 2010]
Newly Appointed Data Analyst
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[01 Nov. 2009]
Recruitment Finished
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[01 Aug. 2009]
Two New Publications
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[14 Apr. 2009]
Newly Appointed Research Technician
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[19 Nov. 2008]
New Project Manager
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[12 Sept. 2008]
HUSERMET Researchers Look to the Metabolome for Answers
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[07 Jul. 2008]
The University of Manchester and GSK Strike New Research Alliance
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[07 Jul. 2008]
Prof Doug Kell is the New Chief Executive for BBSRC
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[10 Dec. 2007]
The Maturing Field of Metabolomics is Taking Steps Toward Guiding Personalized Nutrition
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[24 Aug. 2007]
Free Health 'MOTs' in World's Biggest Male Ageing Study
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[20 Feb. 2007]
Newly Appointed Bioanalytical Scientist for the HUSERMET Project
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