The HUSERMET Project
the human serum metabolome in health and disease...


Human Serum Metabolome

To optimise and exploit technology that allows the measurement of the metabolome of human serum, its normal ranges and variation using a range of complementary techniques:

  • Gas Chromatography coupled to Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)
  • Liquid Chromatography coupled to Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)
  • Accurate mass measurement to identify unknown metabolites using Mass Spectrometry
  • FTIR
  • NMR

Characterise the "normal" human serum metabolome and establish:

  • Typical metabolites and their ranges observed for each technology
  • The disease-independent changes that occur as a function of diet, gender, age, therapeutic interventions and lifestyle

To study the metabolome of "diseased" patients to:

  • Identify prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers of disease
  • Determine the efficacy of drugs and other treatments

Through these studies we aim to:

  • Discover novel metabolites
  • Provide a web-based resource to the scientific community, exploiting emerging metabolome data and accompanying metadata
  • To learn of, develop and validate relationships for data visualisation, mining and exploitation of genetic programming

Recruitment of volunteers for the characterisation of the "normal" human serum metabolome was conducted with the assistance of:

[25 Sep. 2012]
HUSERMET represented at Metabomeeting 2012
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[30 Jun. 2011]
New Publication in Nature Protocols
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[23 Jan. 2010]
Manchester Researcher Appointed New 'Dementia Tsar'
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[04 Jan. 2010]
Newly Appointed Data Analyst
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[01 Nov. 2009]
Recruitment Finished
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[01 Aug. 2009]
Two New Publications
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[14 Apr. 2009]
Newly Appointed Research Technician
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[19 Nov. 2008]
New Project Manager
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[12 Sept. 2008]
HUSERMET Researchers Look to the Metabolome for Answers
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[07 Jul. 2008]
The University of Manchester and GSK Strike New Research Alliance
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[07 Jul. 2008]
Prof Doug Kell is the New Chief Executive for BBSRC
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[10 Dec. 2007]
The Maturing Field of Metabolomics is Taking Steps Toward Guiding Personalized Nutrition
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[24 Aug. 2007]
Free Health 'MOTs' in World's Biggest Male Ageing Study
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[20 Feb. 2007]
Newly Appointed Bioanalytical Scientist for the HUSERMET Project
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