The HUSERMET Project
the human serum metabolome in health and disease...



GC-MS: A Gas Chromatograph (GC) coupled to a Mass Spectrometer (MS).

Gas Chromatography:

  • Samples are injected onto a chromatography column and swept through by a constant flow of gas
  • As the compounds travel through the column they become caught up in the mesh
  • Different metabolites interact with this mesh in different ways which affects their movement along the column and allows them to be separated
  • This makes the metabolites easier to detect by mass spectrometry since they are not all released (eluted) at the same time

This technique is very useful for analysing small molecules.

  • It can be used to identify fatty acids, amino acids, organic acids and sugars in urine and blood and is used by clinicians to diagnose metabolic disorders
    • e.g. phenylketonuria (PKU) diagnosis involves the measurement of levels of phenylalanine and tyrosine amino acids


The standard operating procedure (SOP) used for GCMS analysis in the HUSERMET study is available here. If you use this SOP, please cite the following publications:

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