The HUSERMET Project
the human serum metabolome in health and disease...


Project Management Team

A consortium, led by Prof. Royston Goodacre, comprising the University of Manchester, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline was funded, through the LINK Applied Genomics Programme, by the BBSRC and MRC.

University of Manchester

Prof. Royston GOODACRE Professor of Biological Chemistry School of Chemistry
Prof. Alistair BURNS Professor/Honorary Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry School of Medicine
Prof. Kennedy CRUICKSHANK Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Consultant Physician, Diabetes & Hypertension School of Medicine
Prof. Simon GASKELL Associate Vice-President
of Research
School of Chemistry
Ms Sue McINTYRE Project Manager School of Chemistry
Prof. Gordon JAYSON Senior Registrar School of Medicine
Dr Joshua KNOWLES BBSRC David Phillips Research Fellow School of Computer Science
Prof. Frederick WU Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology School of Medicine
Dr Nitin PURANDARE Senior Lecturer School of Medicine

LINK Applied Genomics, UK

Dr Celia CAULCOTT Programme Coordinator BBSRC
Dr Caroline MUNRO Programme Management Committee Smith and Nephew Group Research
Dr Steve RUSSELL Programme Management Committee Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge

AstraZeneca, UK

Prof. Ian WILSON Principal Scientist Dept of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

GlaxoSmithKline, UK

Dr John HASELDEN Director Metabolic Profiling & Cellular Pathology/
Toxicology Safety Assessment
Dr Andy NICHOLLS Principal Scientist Metabolic Profiling & Cellular Pathology/
Toxicology Safety Assessment

Scientific Advisory Committee Members

Prof. Jan VAN DER GREEF Scientific Director TNO Systems Biology
Prof. Michael J. E. STERNBERG Head of Structural Bioinformatics Group  
Dr David GRAINGER Senior Research Fellow Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge

[25 Sep. 2012]
HUSERMET represented at Metabomeeting 2012
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[30 Jun. 2011]
New Publication in Nature Protocols
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[23 Jan. 2010]
Manchester Researcher Appointed New 'Dementia Tsar'
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[04 Jan. 2010]
Newly Appointed Data Analyst
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[01 Nov. 2009]
Recruitment Finished
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[01 Aug. 2009]
Two New Publications
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[14 Apr. 2009]
Newly Appointed Research Technician
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[19 Nov. 2008]
New Project Manager
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[12 Sept. 2008]
HUSERMET Researchers Look to the Metabolome for Answers
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[07 Jul. 2008]
The University of Manchester and GSK Strike New Research Alliance
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[07 Jul. 2008]
Prof Doug Kell is the New Chief Executive for BBSRC
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[10 Dec. 2007]
The Maturing Field of Metabolomics is Taking Steps Toward Guiding Personalized Nutrition
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[24 Aug. 2007]
Free Health 'MOTs' in World's Biggest Male Ageing Study
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[20 Feb. 2007]
Newly Appointed Bioanalytical Scientist for the HUSERMET Project
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