The HUSERMET Project
the human serum metabolome in health and disease...


University of Manchester Based Personnel

The HUSERMET team is based in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, University of Manchester, with several other clinical and industrial participants across the Greater Manchester area. The group members are listed below:

Principal and Co-Investigators

Prof. Roy GOODACRE Bioanalytical Science
Prof. Simon GASKELL Bioanalytical Science
Prof. Alistair BURNS Alzheimer's Disease Study
Dr Nitin PURANDARE Alzheimer's Disease Study
Prof. Kennedy CRUICKSHANK Normal Variation Study
Prof. Gordon JAYSON Ovarian Cancer Study
Dr Joshua KNOWLES Computer Science
Prof. Frederick WU Ethnic Diversity Study

Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, Manchester, UK

Ms Sue McINTYRE Project Manager +44-(0)161-306-4537
Dr Paul BEGLEY Analytical Scientist  
Dr David BROADHURST Biostatistician +44-(0)161-306-5145
Dr Warwick DUNN Analytical Scientist  
Ms Nadine HARDING Analytical Scientist +44-(0)161-306-5145
Dr Andy TSENG Database Architect
& Web Programmer
Dr Catherine WINDER Analytical Scientist  
Ms Eva ZELENA PhD Researcher +44-(0)161-306-5145

Alzheimer's Disease Study, Manchester, UK

Dr Boben BENJAMIN Specialist Registrar  
Mr Steve CHEW-GRAHAM Research Nurse  
Mr Mohammed ZUBAIR PhD Researcher  

Ethnic Diversity Study, Manchester, UK

Ms Gill AARONS Research Nurse  
Ms Catriona McWHIRTER Research Technician  
Ms Carly MOSELEY Project Assistant  
Ms Cath POTTS Research Nurse  

Ovarian Cancer Study, Manchester, UK

Ms Paula POTTER Research Nurse  
Ms Paula THORNTON Research Nurse  

[25 Sep. 2012]
HUSERMET represented at Metabomeeting 2012
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[30 Jun. 2011]
New Publication in Nature Protocols
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[23 Jan. 2010]
Manchester Researcher Appointed New 'Dementia Tsar'
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[04 Jan. 2010]
Newly Appointed Data Analyst
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[01 Nov. 2009]
Recruitment Finished
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[01 Aug. 2009]
Two New Publications
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[14 Apr. 2009]
Newly Appointed Research Technician
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[19 Nov. 2008]
New Project Manager
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[12 Sept. 2008]
HUSERMET Researchers Look to the Metabolome for Answers
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[07 Jul. 2008]
The University of Manchester and GSK Strike New Research Alliance
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[07 Jul. 2008]
Prof Doug Kell is the New Chief Executive for BBSRC
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[10 Dec. 2007]
The Maturing Field of Metabolomics is Taking Steps Toward Guiding Personalized Nutrition
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[24 Aug. 2007]
Free Health 'MOTs' in World's Biggest Male Ageing Study
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[20 Feb. 2007]
Newly Appointed Bioanalytical Scientist for the HUSERMET Project
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